Sunday, Dec. 11 @ 6 PM

Here's a big THANK YOU from Sharon Nielsen

who directed the kids' musical this year...

"On December 11, 2016, our Deer Park Kids presented a fun & meaningful Christmas musical called "The Best Christmas Present Ever"! Their presentation left an impact on all those who attended. The kids sang beautifully & kept focused throughout! Those who had speaking parts presented their lines clearly so that the meaningful message came through loud & clear! "What Will You Do with Jesus?" Our preschoolers were so cute & adorable as always! A huge THANK YOU to our kids in preschool & Grades 1-6! SENSATIONAL job!!!

Of course it takes a team to help plan, prepare, lead & present the many areas needed for such a presentation. The following people (& more) gave sacrificially of their time & talents:
Parents of our kids
Leadership Team - Crista Snider
                               Tyra Armeneau
                               Rebecca Oke
                               Heather Hankins
(These ladies helped in leading, costumes, set, props, etc.)
Backstage - Brenda Hankins
                     Some Preschool leaders
Technical Crew - Blair Nielsen (Sound)
                            Shawn Friesen (Lighting)
                            Pastor Ryan Tuck (Projection)
Refreshment/Kitchen Coordinators
                          Charlene Toews
                                   (Baked 300 cupcakes!)
                           Lori Misener
                           Jessica Nielsen
Pastoral Team - Pastor Don Tjart
                           (Now known as Rod Stark!)
                          Pastor Jon Van Koughnett
All the staff were a continual support & encouragement!

Thank you to the kids & each one who played a part in some way for giving such a wonderful Christmas present to Deer Park & our community! May God richly bless you!"

Sharon Nielsen (Director)