Family Affirmation Event

April 1 - 1-3 PM

On Saturday, April 1st, we hosting a family-centred time that includes a family worship experience, a time to publicly affirm your children, and fun activities.

The purpose for the "affirmation time" is to make a public pronouncement of who your child is. This is not a focus on what your child does well (sports, music etc.), rather it is an opportunity for you to tell them who they are in your eyes and in the eyes of God. We all have an inherent need to know that we are valued and loved simply for who we are, apart from anything that we do. This is an exciting opportunity for that to happen in the lives of your children! More information and guidance on this will be sent out to those who register.

For activities, we have lined up professional hair style lessons for those parents (dads) who struggle to do their daughter’s hair and a nerf war for those interested in teaching their kids a lesson in humility.  :)   The activities are designed for kids ages 4- Grade 6. However, if you have younger children that you would like to involve in the worship and affirmation time, you are welcome to bring them! There is no cost but registration is required. Please click the link below.