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A vision for our future.

Deer Park Church is a place where:

Christ is known (Philippians 3:7-11)

A place where we would come to know Christ more and more, both with our minds in understanding, and also by way of real, personal experience of God through the Holy Spirit.

Christ is proclaimed (Acts 4:29-32)

A place where we and our neighbours would find Jesus clearly and consistently articulated - who he is and what he signifies about God’s great act to save - both with vivid and understandable words and ideas, and also through meaningful actions.

Christ is exalted (Revelation 5:6-14)

A place where the expression of the church will be the consistent glorification of the Triune God, as revealed to us in Jesus Christ.

A plan for how to get there.

Deer Park Church is a place where we will focus on:

Church Ministry (Ephesians 4:11-13)

We will focus on weekly worship services built around God’s Word, real community, spiritual growth, international missions, caring for the sick and needy, and offering counsel and encouragement.

LifeGroups (Acts 2:42)

We will focus on helping every person find the opportunity to participate in a small group with flexible structure, care for one another, an experience of God through Bible study, prayer, and service outside the group.

Children & Youth (Matthew 19:14)

We will focus on sharing God’s good news with upcoming generations in contextual ways. Research points out that 77% of adult Christians come to faith before their 21st birthday.

Care for the Vulnerable (James 1:27)

We will focus on a broad attention to the needs of those who sometimes can feel invisible especially vulnerable women and children in our community.

A target to trust God for…

Deer Park Church is a place where we will stretch ourselves in the effort to reach and serve 1% of the people of Red Deer for the sake of God’s kingdom.



Our Signature Statement

“Together, we will do whatever it takes to know and proclaim the Lord Jesus Christ as Saviour, Sanctifier, Healer and Coming King.”