December 30, 2017

Hi Deer Park Church Family,

This cold weather is nasty! And it’s been especially nasty to our main water line coming into the church… which has BURST! That’s right - we don’t have water service at the church and therefore we unfortunately have to CANCEL our service tomorrow morning. Both the pastoral staff and the Board felt it would be prudent to not have a service tomorrow morning because of the water situation. There is currently no flooding but we don’t see this getting fixed until the middle of next week because of the holiday weekend.

The pastoral staff and board members will be at church in the morning for those who weren’t able to receive this message. You are welcome to drop by tomorrow morning for prayer and a brief time of fellowship or if you would like to give your tithes and offerings on this last day to give in 2017. You are also welcome to give online at our website. Just go to

If you’re looking for a place to worship tomorrow morning, our sister church Kentwood Alliance is having their year end service at 10:30 am at 4 Kennedy Drive in north Red Deer.

Pastor Jon was going to be preaching tomorrow and we know it was going to be SO good that we are planning on videoing it and then posting it on our website later in the day. We don’t want you to miss what God has given to Jon for us… a message about Simeon and how coming into contact with the newborn Christ changed his life.

Hope you’re staying warm this weekend! May you know the reality of God’s presence in your life as you head into the New Year!

Deer Park Church Pastoral Staff